Trout Stocking in Maryland

General Stocking Information

For reference, the full 2016 spring stocking schedule is available online. In addition to this page, DNR’s Fisheries Service posts stocking updates on Facebook and Twitter and through its email news service. Anglers may also call 800-688-3467 and press option #1 to get a recorded weekly update (usually updated on Fridays).

Put-and-take areas have a five-trout limit and specific spring closures depending on location. Consult the Maryland Fishing Guide for closure dates and special management area restrictions.

The daily limit in areas (that are not put-and-take or special management areas) is two trout with no minimum size and no closed season, except in special trout management and put-and-take areas.


*** Potomac-Garrett State Forest - Attention State Forest Visitors

Effective Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - Lostland Run Road Closed for Repairs

MD DNR has contracted with local excavating contractor; Arnold Brothers Equipment Corporation , to carry out much needed road improvement to the Lostland Run Road in the Potomac State Forest in Garrett County. This extensive work will include grading and resurfacing this severely eroded road bed, as well replacement of some 25 failing culvert pipes and associated inlets and outlets. Two temporary work site bridges must be installed to support the heavy equipment and stone truck traffic necessary to complete this work.

This work site is very narrow and steep. For visitor safety as well as the safety of the contractors, the road is closed to public access effective Tuesday, April 12, 2016, and will remain closed until the contracted work is completed and the temporary bridges are removed. The term of the contract is 365 days, though water crossing permit​s limit culvert work between May 1 and October 1st.

Limited weekend access may be permitted as work site conditions allow. As a courtesy to sportsmen and women, the contractor has agreed to make every attempt at having the road passable and open to the public on the weekends beginning, Fridays at 5:00 p.m. through Sundays at sunset. Day use only, no camping will be permitted in Lostland Area through the term of the contract during these hours.

While this much needed road work comes at an inconvenient time, with the trout fishing season just opening up and spring turkey hunting season fast upon us (the Youth Hunt begins on April 16 and regular season opens Monday the 18th.) State Forest Visitors are encouraged to visit other areas of the State Forest to take advantage of the many hunting and fishing opportunities found here. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to improve public access to your State Forest.

2016 Spring Trout Stocking​​

​​​​​Reminder - We only list areas which are open at the time of stocking. 
06.01.2016FrederickOwens Creek
05.23.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Barnum
05.19.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Westernport
05.17.2016GarrettSavage River Reservoir
05.17.2016GarrettYoughiogheny River, Oakland
05.17.2016GarrettYoughiogheny River , Friendsville
05.16.2016AlleganyEvitts Creek
05.16.2016AlleganyFifteen Mile Creek
05.16.2016AlleganyWills Creek
05.13.2016GarrettBear Creek
05.12.2016GarrettSavage River
05.11.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Barnum
05.11.2016FrederickBig Hunting Creek (Catch & Return)
05.11.2016FrederickFriends Creek
05.11.2016FrederickOwens Creek
05.11.2016WashingtonAntietam Creek
05.11.2016WashingtonSideling Hill Creek
05.10.2016AlleganyEvitts Creek
05.10.2016AlleganyJennings Run
05.10.2016AlleganyNorth Jennings Run Watershed
05.10.2016FrederickFishing Creek
05.10.2016FrederickOwens Creek
05.10.2016FrederickFriends Creek
05.10.2016BaltimoreGunpowder Falls (Upper Section)
05.10.2016BaltimoreLittle Falls
05.09.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Westernport
05.06.2016GarrettBear Creek
05.06.2016GarrettSnowy Creek
05.06.2016GarrettYoughiogheny River (Catch & Return Area)
05.05.2016AlleganyFifteen Mile Creek
05.05.2016WashingtonBeaver Creek
05.05.2016MontgomeryGreat Seneca Creek
05.05.2016HowardLittle Patuxent River (2 Fish/Day)
05.04.2016GarrettAccident Pond
05.04.2016WashingtonSideling Hill Creek
05.04.2016WashingtonAntietam Creek
05.04.2016CarrollSouth Branch Patapsco River (River Rd)
05.04.2016CarrollSouth Branch Patapsco River (Marriotsville)
05.04.2016BaltimoreGunpowder Falls (Lower Section)
05.04.2016BaltimoreGwynn Oak Pond
05.04.2016BaltimoreGwynn Falls
05.04.2016BaltimoreJones Falls
05.04.2016CecilBig Elk Creek
05.03.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Gorman
05.03.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Kitzmiller
05.03.2016AlleganyLions Park Pond
05.03.2016AlleganyWills Creek
05.03.2016WashingtonBeaver Creek
05.03.2016BaltimoreLittle Gunpowder Falls
05.03.2016HarfordDeer Creek
05.02.2016GarrettDeep Creek Lake
05.02.2016GarrettNew Germany Lake
05.02.2016GarrettPiney Reservoir
05.02.2016CarrollPiney Run
05.02.2016BaltimorePatapsco River (Daniels, 2 Fish/Day)
04.29.2016GarrettBear Creek
04.28.2016GarrettBroadford Lake
04.28.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, Barnum
04.27.2016AlleganyDan's Mountain Pond
04.27.2016AlleganyLaurel Run (<16, >65 & Blind)
04.27.2016GarrettSavage River
04.27.2016WashingtonAntietam Creek
04.27.2016WashingtonLicking Creek
04.27.2016MontgomeryMartin Luther King, Jr. Pond
04.27.2016MontgomeryNorthwest Branch
04.27.2016MontgomeryPine Lake
04.26.2016AlleganyJennings Run
04.26.2016AlleganyNorth Jennings Run Watershed
04.26.2016AlleganyOrchard Pond
04.26.2016AlleganyWhite Sulpher Pond
04.26.2016FrederickFountain Rock Park Pond (2 Fish/Day)
04.26.2016CarrollSouth Branch Patapsco River (River Rd)
04.26.2016BaltimorePatapsco River (Avalon)
04.26.2016BaltimorePatapsco River (Daniels, 2 Fish/Day)
04.25.2016AlleganyFlintstone Creek
04.25.2016AlleganyLake Habeeb (Rocky Gap Lake)
04.22.2016GarrettBear Creek
04.22.2016GarrettLittle Youghiogheny River
04.22.2016GarrettMill Run
04.21.2016GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River, (Delayed Harvest Area)
04.21.2016FrederickMiddle Creek
04.21.2016BaltimoreGunpowder Falls (Lower Section)
04.21.2016BaltimoreLittle Gunpowder Falls
04.21.2016CecilBig Elk Creek
04.20.2016GarrettGlades Park Pond (Youth and Blind Only)
04.20.2016GarrettHerrington Creek
04.20.2016GarrettMuddy Creek
04.20.2016WashingtonAntietam Creek
04.20.2016WashingtonGreenbrier Lake
04.20.2016BaltimoreLittle Falls
04.20.2016CarrollSouth Branch Patapsco River (River Rd)
04.20.2016CarrollStansbury Park Pond
04.20.2016Anne ArundelSevern Run
04.19.2016AlleganyFifteen Mile Creek
04.19.2016GarrettDeep Creek Lake
04.19.2016FrederickFishing Creek
04.19.2016FrederickFrank Bentz Pond
04.19.2016FrederickHamburg Pond
04.19.2016FrederickRainbow Lake
04.19.2016FrederickCunningham Falls Lake
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Felt Soled Waders and Shoe Ban

Felt-soled waders and wading shoes are now banned in the State of Maryland. Click here to read news item. Further information can be found through our FAQ on the felt sole ban.