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The Maryland Natural Resource Magazine - Summer 2014


Let The Maryland Natural Resource inspire you, your friends and loved ones to enjoy, protect and live in harmony with Maryland's breathtaking landscapes, waterways and wildlife. From camping to conserving land, from boating to bicycling, from hunting to healthy streams, this quarterly magazine has something for everyone! The Maryland Natural Resource IS your guide to recreation & conservation in Maryland!

All articles are available for download in a .pdf format. If you do not have the free viewer from Adobe, please click here to download the software prior to viewing the articles.

Hikers crossing a bridge This Land is Your Land Hikers on a bridge
By Kristen Peterson
Connecting people and places

Newtowne Neck St. Francis Xavier Church
By Geoff Carton, Kathy Ciolfi, Scott Lawrence
A slice of history

Fightin' Phrag Winding river draining into the bay
By Kerrie L. Kyde
A field ecologist’s notebook

Invasive Delicacies Anglers with a blue catfish
By Joe Evans
Blue & flathead catfish

Oyster Enforcement NRP and State Police searching for poachers
By Candy Thompson
Maryland cracks down on poachers



Nature is silent and wise. She is cunning, but for good ends. She has brought me here and will also lead me away. I trust her. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Photo "The Fox" - Larry Hitchens

​​Wild Shot

Photo by Katie Macdonald
From Greek and Latin origins, Callinectes sapidus translates to, “beautiful swimmer that is savory.” We all know the savory part is true, but just how far does the blue crab swim? It claims all parts of the Chesapeake as its home, choosing shallow waters and grasses during warm weather and the Bay’s depths for the winter. Additionally, males (jimmies) prefer fresh water while females (sooks) tend to inhabit saltier areas.


Recipe for Fried Soft Shell Crabs with Summer Salad & Pickled Vegetables

softshell crab dish 

This recipe is quite involved and has more ingredients than we have room for on this page. Please check out this and all the Maryland recipes at plus information about the industry and history of seafood in Maryland.

Maryland Seafood Logo 

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The Summer 2014 Issue

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