Color Maryland Green Contest

About the Contest

Color Maryland Green Art and Poetry Contest Poster Art

COLOR MARYLAND GREEN is an art and poetry contest designed to inspire Maryland students to enjoy and respect the State’s great outdoors and natural resources. Through the creative use of poetry, art and digital tools, students will express their appreciation for the outdoors and Maryland’s treasured natural resources.

All Maryland students, grades K-12, are eligible to participate -- one entry per student only, please. (Submissions from children of Maryland Department of Natural Resources employees will NOT be eligible for prizes).

Entries may be submitted individually or in bundles through the classroom.

Entries will be judged by age group categories and one video category:

  • Category I: K – 2nd Grade
  • Category II: 3rd -6th Grade
  • Category III: 7th-9th Grade
  • Category IV: 10th-12th Grade
  • Category V:  Video (all ages)

Prizes will be awarded for best poetry, best photo and best art (paintings & drawings) in each category. Videos will have one award for best overall.

Deadline for entries is March 13, 2015.

Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Official Rules

  • All entries must be original works. No photocopies.
  • Subject matter should include Maryland’s outdoors and/or natural resources. The work should demonstrate the student’s appreciation of our natural resources and/or environment.
  • All entries must be labeled with the student’s name, school, grade, city and state ON THE BACK AND must have a completed entry form affixed to the back.
  • The Maryland Department of Natural Resources reserves the right to disqualify any submission that is deemed to include inappropriate or commercial content, including but not limited to: profanity, violence, adult content, copyright infringement, solicitation, product, organization or political endorsements, etc.
  • Works not submitted in accordance with these rules, or with incomplete or illegible writing will not be accepted.


  • Poems must be submitted in English on 8.5” x 11” paper, may be hand written or typed, and must be no longer than 32 lines.

Other Media

  • Acceptable media for artwork are paint, pencil, markers, ink, crayon, chalk or pastel (fixed), photography, cloth, collage and computer art. All works must be submitted on unlined paper that will allow for duplication, display or framing. Entries must be mailed flat or rolled in a tube.  Entries must not be matted, mounted, laminated, framed or folded.
  • Photo entries must be at least 8”x10” in size.  No submissions may exceed 11” by 17” in size -- no exceptions.


  • Video entries must be at least 30 seconds and no longer than 2 minutes in length.
  • Submissions become property of the State of Maryland. Through submission of poetry or artwork, contestants and their legal guardians grant non-exclusive reproduction and publication rights to the works submitted, which will not be returned. All videos must be submitted on DVDs or Flash Drives


  • 2015 Maryland Park Passport – Best Overall Art (paintings & drawings) each age category
  • 2015 Maryland Park Passport – Best  Overall Poetry each age category
  • 2015 Maryland Park Passpor t– Best Overall Photo each category
  • 2015 Maryland Park Passport – Best Overall Video (all ages)

More information

For further information or to request COLOR MARYLAND GREEN instructional materials, contact Lauren Dorill at or (410) 260-8008.