Artificial Reef Program

Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative Logo About the Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative

MARI includes over 60 private, state, and federal partners, and acts as a funding mechanism (using private and corporate donations) for reef development in Maryland. It is a volunteer organization dedicated to preserving, restoring and creating fish habitat in tidewater Maryland. Funding for MARI comes from the Coastal Conservation Association, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the coalition of donors and partners.

Artificial Reef Committee (ARC)

The Maryland DNR Artificial Reef Committee (ARC) has the duty of advising the Director of Fisheries Service on all matters referred to the committee regarding the development, monitoring and management of artificial reefs in Maryland Bay and Ocean waters. For a list of ARC members and information on past and upcoming ARC meetings, see the ARC Membership and ARC Meetings link on the left side of this page.

Maryland Artificial Reef Plan

The "Artificial Reef Management Plan for Maryland" (Loftus and Stone, 2007) is the primary guidance document for the Maryland Artificial Reef Program and MARI. This document gives a history of the older reef programs in MD going back to the 1960's. It lays out the purpose, goals and objectives of the Artificial Reef Program and provides a management framework for artificial reef projects, including guidelines on permits, siting, materials, construction, (deployments) and monitoring.

Here is the final Maryland Artificial Reef Plan without Appendix B (1 MB).

Here is the final Maryland Artificial Reef Plan, including Appendix B (11 MB).

Reef Charts and Coordinates

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Erik Zlokovitz giving an overview of Mid and South Atlantic Artificial Reefs at the 2015 Florida Artificial Reef Summit in January. (Fast-forward to frame 1:47:40 to hear Erik.)