Trout Stocking in Maryland

DNR Trout Stocking Program

The 2015 spring stocking schedule is available here, at DNR regional service centers and license vendors throughout the state. DNR also offers an online Trout Stocking Map as well as a new interactive Angler Access Map to help you find the hot spots.

In addition to this page, DNR’s Fisheries Service posts stocking updates on its Facebook and Twitter pages and through its email news service. Anglers may also call 800-688-3467 and press option #2 to get a recorded weekly update.

Anglers are encouraged to follow the action and share their experiences on the DNR Angler’s Log, a public sharing and bragging board.

Put-and-take areas have a five-trout limit and specific closures depending on location. This year, the closure program has been significantly simplified by removing the #3 and #4 periods. This means that there are two closure periods on newly-stocked waters. Closure 1 runs on specified waters from the first Sunday after March 4 to the last Saturday in March. Closure 2 applies to specified waters from Sunday to Saturday of the last full week of March. Consult the 2015 Maryland Fishing Guide for closure dates and special management area restrictions.

The daily limit in areas (that are not put-and-take or special management areas) is two trout with no minimum size and no closed season, except in special trout management and put-and-take areas.

Maryland fishing licenses and trout stamps are not required for anglers 15 and younger.

Please clean and dry your gear between streams and outings to prevent the spread of harmful invaders such as didymo and whirling disease. This can be done by washing waders, boots and other items with dish soap or a five percent salt solution, or at wader wash stations located at the popular access points.

Anglers who catch and register a trout that meets or exceeds the Angler Award minimum sizes ─ 20 inches for a Rainbow and 21 inches for a Brown ─ will earn a certificate, free passes to the Maryland Seafood Festival, and the chance to win great prizes at the 2015 Maryland Fishing Challenge Finale in September.

Again, sign up for the e-mail distribution to receive the daily stocking locations.


Help To Stop Poachers

Reminder - If you spot poaching please place a call to our Catch a Poacher Hotline at 1-800-635-6124 - a cash reward is available for information leading to an arrest and conviction of a violator.

Felt Soled Waders and Shoe Ban

Felt-soled waders and wading shoes are now banned in the State of Maryland. Click here to read news item. Further information can be found through our FAQ on the felt sole ban.

Stocking Hotline

During the stocking season updates are posted on the website daily and on the phone line (1-800-688-3467) weekly.