Trout Stocking in Maryland

March 11, 2015 Update:

Attention Deer Creek Trout Anglers,

Due to road construction/closure of MD Rt. 24 within Rocks State Park, Deer Creek will not be stocked from St. Clair Bridge Road downstream to Rocks/Chrome Hill Rd. No trout will be stocked in this section of Deer Creek and the area is closed to the public. Deer Creek will be stocked with the same number of trout as in past years. All other traditional Deer Creek stocking locations will be stocked and open to the public.

Spring Trout Stocking Daily Updates

06.01.2015FrederickOwens Creek
05.26.2015GarrettNorth Br. Potomac River - Barnum
05.26.2015GarrettNorth Br. Potomac River - Westernport
05.21.2015GarrettYoughiogheny River - Friendsville
05.21.2015GarrettYoughiogheny River - Oakland
05.19.2015AlleganyEvitts Creek
05.19.2015AlleganyWills Creek
05.19.2015GarrettSavage River Reservoir
05.18.2015AlleganyFifteen Mile Creek
05.14.215GarrettSavage River
05.14.215GarrettBear Creek
05.14.2015FrederickOwens Creek
05.14.2015FrederickFriends Creek
05.13.2015FrederickFishing Creek
05.13.2015FrederickFriends Creek
05.13.2015FrederickOwens Creek
05.13.2015WashingtonSideling Hill
05.13.2015WashingtonAntietam Creek
05.12.2015AlleganyEvitts Creek
05.12.2015AlleganyJennings Run
05.12.2015AlleganyNorth Jennings Run Watershed
05.12.2015FrederickBig Hunting Creek (Catch & Return)
05.12.2015BaltimoreGunpowder Falls - Upper
05.12.2015BaltimoreLittle Falls
05.11.2015GarrettNorth Br. Potomac River - Barnum
05.11.2015GarrettNorth Br. Potomac River - Westernport
05.08.2015GarrettSnowy Creek
05.07.2015AlleganyFifteen Mile Creek
05.07.2015WashingtonBeaver Creek (Upper)
05.07.2015HowardLittle Patuxent River (2 Fish/day)
05.07.2015MontgomeryGreat Seneca Creek
05.06.2015GarrettAccident Pond
05.06.2015WashingtonAntietam Creek
05.06.2015WashingtonSideling Hill
05.06.2015BaltimoreGunpowder Falls - Lower
05.06.2015BaltimoreGwynn Oak Pond
05.06.2015BaltimoreGwynns Falls
05.06.2015BaltimoreJones Falls
05.06.2015CecilBig Elk Creek
05.05.2015GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River - Gorman
05.05.2015GarrettNorth Branch Potomac River - Kitzmiller
05.05.2015AlleganyLions Park Pond
05.05.2015AlleganyWills Creek
05.05.2015WashingtonBeaver Creek (Lower)
05.05.2015BaltimoreLittle Gunpowder Falls
05.05.2015HarfordDeer Creek
05.04.2015GarrettDeep Creek Lake
05.04.2015GarrettNew Germany Lake
05.04.2015GarrettPiney Reservoir
05.04.2015BaltimorePatapsco - Daniels (2 Fish/day)
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The full 2015 spring stocking schedule is available online and at DNR service centers and license vendors. In addition to this page, DNR’s Fisheries Service posts stocking updates on Facebook and Twitter and through its email news service. Anglers may also call 800-688-3467 and press option #2 to get a recorded weekly update.

Put-and-take areas have a five-trout limit and specific closures depending on location. Consult the 2015 Maryland Fishing Guide for closure dates and special management area restrictions.

The daily limit in areas (that are not put-and-take or special management areas) is two trout with no minimum size and no closed season, except in special trout management and put-and-take areas.

Help To Stop Poachers

Reminder - If you spot poaching please place a call to our Catch a Poacher Hotline at 1-800-635-6124 - a cash reward is available for information leading to an arrest and conviction of a violator.

Felt Soled Waders and Shoe Ban

Felt-soled waders and wading shoes are now banned in the State of Maryland. Click here to read news item. Further information can be found through our FAQ on the felt sole ban.