My First Fish

My First Fish My 1st Fish recognizes a new angler's achievement of catching their first fish. A certificate with the angler's name, date, species caught, length, and fishing buddy or Captain will be awarded to commemorate the event. If a digital photograph is taken and included with the entry, it will be placed on the certificate. To receive a My 1st Fish certificate, email DNR at

  • Angler's Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Species Caught (if known)
  • Length
  • Location
  • Date Caught
  • Fishing Buddy or Captain
  • Digital Photograph (If Available)


  • Any fish is eligible that is caught in Maryland waters.
  • All fish that do not comply with Maryland law or regulations must be immediately returned to the water.
  • Any angler is eligible regardless of age.
  • Photographs included with entry must be in digital format.