Maryland Conservation Corps (MCC) Crew Descriptions

Western Region

New Germany State Park

Featuring Appalachian mountain terrain of rocky rivers and hemlock forests, New Germany State Park hosts this crew in Garrett County Western Maryland. Conservation work includes: trail and bridge maintenance, construction and monitoring, as well as, work with forestry, wildlife and fisheries professionals. A special project assists the Wildlife program with a black bear hunt and population survey. Low cost state park housing is available.

Central RegionMCC_Sawyer.jpg

Gunpowder Falls State Park

Located northeast of Baltimore City, this crew is situated between two other MCC crews, Susquehanna and Patapsco. This location makes it easy to be involved in cooperative projects and trainings with other crews. Crew projects in the nearly 18,000 acres of park consists of trail maintenance and construction, park and facilities improvement projects, environmental education programs, tree planting and invasive species removal. The crew assists with projects at nearby North Point State Park as well. Low cost state park housing is available.

Patapsco Valley State Park

This crew is based in a 35-mile long, scenic river valley park on the Patapsco River near Baltimore, Maryland. Conservation work includes extensive trail maintenance, monitoring and construction on 170 miles of trail, prescribed burns of rare serpentine habitat, reforestation and environmental education with the Scales and Tales live animal program. Low cost state park housing is available.

Susquehanna State Park

Situated on the Susquehanna River, approximately 30 minutes northeast of Baltimore, this crew concentrates on a wide variety of projects, including: trail maintenance, monitoring and construction, environmental education, historical interpretation and reforestation. A special project involves monitoring the endangered bog turtle. Low cost state park housing is available.

MCC_boardwalkconstruction.jpgEastern Region

Tuckahoe State Park

Based in Tuckahoe State Park on the Eastern Shore, approximately 20 minutes east of the Chesapeake Bay, this crew's conservation work includes: Chesapeake Bay wetland and shoreline restoration, trail maintenance, challenge course instruction, environmental education, Scales and Tales live animal programming, wildlife habitat improvement and reforestation. Low cost state park housing is available.

Assateague State Park

Assateague State Park is a beach park situated on the Atlantic Ocean. Conservation work concentrates heavily on developing and presenting environmental education programming for thousands of students in schools and at the state park's nature center. Other activities include Chesapeake Bay wetland restoration, bay grass plantings, Scales and Tales live animal programming and water quality monitoring of the endangered Coastal Bays. Low-cost housing is available.

Southern Region

Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

Positioned on the Upper Patuxent River, this crew focuses on trail work, environmental education and Chesapeake Bay restoration projects. The Sanctuary Nature Center is operated by the crew and includes interpretive exhibit development, programming, special events and the care of live animals. The wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful natural area renowned for providing critical resting habitat for wintering Canada Geese. Low-cost state park housing is available.

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