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No snow is no problem. We can still go using our wheeled rigs. We offer a variety of dog sledding and dryland (wheeled) dog sledding experiences including dog sled rides, tours, lessons, meet and greet with the dogs, dog sledding services for children's birthday parties and educational dog sledding programs and rides for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H clubs, home schoolers and other groups. Dog sledding does not have to be a world away. Come and experience dog sledding with us in the scenic hills of Baltimore County.

Got a high energy dog? Try dog sledding with your own dog. Visit our website and check out our unique Run What You Brung program. We will work with you to train your dog to pull, teach you the basics of dog sledding, and then we will incorporate your dog into our team of well trained sled dogs for a ride through the scenic hills of Baltimore County. Don't have a northern breed? That's ok, we'll work with any dog that is in otherwise good health and shows a desire to pull.

Do you only have one or two dogs? You may be surprised to learn that there are many dog-powered sports that are great opportunities for you and your dog to get out and bond with each other while getting some exercise that can be done with only one or two dogs. Bikejoring, canicross and skijoring are all great dog-powered sports that can be done with only one or two dogs. Check out our website for more details. Don't have a dog but want to try bikejoring, canicross or skijoring? Don't despair, we also offer bikejoring, canicross and skijoring lessons using our dogs. Longer tours can be arranged as well.

Are you a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop leader looking for a fun, exciting and educational event for your troop? We offer specialized patch programs for Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. Scouts will spend 3-4 hours with us learning about dog sledding. During their time scouts will learn, among other things, about the equipment used for dog sledding and dryland dog sledding, the dogs, nutrition requirements for sled dogs, how to bottie a dog and how to harness a dog. Scouts will also get to assist in hooking the dogs up to the rig (or sled). At the end, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will go for a short one-on-one dog sled ride with the entire dog sledding team or mush their own dog sledding team of 1-2 dogs.

Are you home schooling your children? We offer educational programs on dog sledding that are perfect for home schoolers who would like to learn about dog sledding. These are great programs if your child is studying Iditarod, reading Jack London books or studying Alaska or the Northwest Territories. Our programs can be tailored to meet just about any age level. Call or email us for details and we will work with you to craft a custom designed dog sledding.

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